Saturday, September 8, 2007

Student Art Work at PVCC

Hello Art lovers. Here are some pieces by our art students. Amazing work by amazing artists!

Visual Art Department at PVCC

Welcome to the Department of Fine Arts Blog at Piedmont Virginia Community College. PVCC is a medium sized college in Charlottesville Virginia with a wonderful visual art program. We offer classes in traditional media (Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Drawing, Art History) and Computer Graphics. We also have a wonderful gallery that features artwork from local and national artists. Following is our 2007-2008 season.

Located between the lobby and the commons, the PVCC Gallery is comprised of two spaces, both naturally lit for optimum viewing pleasure. Exhibits through the academic year feature local and regional artists, as well as PVCC art faculty and students.

Unless noted, receptions are held for all exhibits 5-7 pm on opening day. Receptions and the PVCC Gallery are open to the public free of charge.

August 31-October 4 North Gallery: Robert Huff, Wall Constructions
South Gallery: Potters of the Piedmont with Cindy Hammond, Kevin Crown, Trew Bennett, Nan Rothwell, Sue Crane, Becky Garrity, Victor Gonchoroff, Jan Crother, Nancy Ross, Ted Thill, Connie Deklewa, Cri Cars-Marshall, Janice Arrone, Mary Anne Burke, Tom Clarkson

October 12-November 15 North Gallery: Shelby Fischer, Memories of the Future
South Gallery: Narrative Portraiture with Rose Hill, David New, Cynthia Burke

November 30-January 31, 2008 PVCC Faculty Exhibition with George Andrews, Fenella Belle, Pamela Black, Tom Clarkson, John Hancock, Martha Saunders, Beryl Solla, Rob Tarbell, Ted Thill, Rebekah Wostrel

December 14 Let There Be Light - One night only from 6-9 p.m. (rain date is December 15) Light-centered artworks will illuminate the outdoors on the grounds surrounding the V. Earl Dickinson Building as the longest night of the year approaches. George Andrews, Harriet Arthur, Tom Clarkson, Ted Coffey, Bob Hirosky, Larry Hugo, Greg Jackson, Greg Antrim Kelly, Geoff Luck, Bree Luck, Lydia Moyer, Rob Tarbell, Rebekah Wostrel, James Yates.

February 8-March 13 Wonder Women: Marie Mennes, Judy McCloud, Robin Braun, Nancy Mehlich, Megan Marlatt

March 21-April 24 Annual PVCC Student Exhibition

April 25-August 21 The Other: 30 artists, 30 works & 30 other works by the same 30 artists. Curated by Rob Tarbell

Here's the PVCC website!